Council Roundup: January 24, 2022

New City Manager Search, American Rescue Plan Act Funding, Interlocal Agreements, Land Acquisition for Parks
Posted on 01/26/2022
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The Burien City Council determined next steps in the search for a new city manager, began discussions of a plan to use American Rescue Plan funding, approved interlocal agreements, and asked for more information about a possible land donation in the Salmon Creek ravine.

City Manager Search Continues

The City Council discussed proposals submitted by firms interested in helping find and select Burien’s next city manager.

The City Council will review and select two firms for final consideration during their January 31 meeting. Reference checks and final selection will follow. The proposers were asked to commit to completing the recruiting process by the end of May 2022.

Planning for Distribution of American Rescue Plan Act Funding Progresses

Finance staff and representatives from consultant firm Management Partners presented a primer on the federal government’s American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA), including guidelines on what funding could be used for, reporting requirements, and best practices based on other jurisdictions. They presented options to help the City develop a plan to use and distribute $10.8 million in ARPA funding.

The City Council gave feedback on the process they would like to follow in developing the plan for use of the funding. The community will have opportunities to weigh in on the plan during community workshops, focus groups, and surveys. The City Council will discuss the ARPA funding plan again at future meetings.


Agreement Continues Stewardship of Miller and Walker Creek Basin

The City Council approved a technical services agreement between King County, the Cities of SeaTac and Normandy Park, and the City of Burien to continue stewardship and monitoring activities in the Miller and Walker Creek basin.

The Miller and Walker Creek Stewardship has been in place for more than ten years. Activities include public education on how to protect the watershed, managing volunteer restoration events, and managing a salmon monitoring program. Data from the salmon monitoring activities helped researchers discover the link between tire dust and coho salmon deaths.

City Council Supports Land Acquisition for Burien Parks

The City Council approved an interlocal agreement with King County so the City can receive funding through the Conservation Futures grant program. They also approved a letter of support for Conservation Futures to provide funding for the acquisition of land from Highline Public Schools where Lakeview Park is sited. They also continued discussion of a proposed land donation in the Salmon Creek ravine, asking for more research into the condition of septic tanks on neighboring property.

Councilmembers Selected to Apply for Regional Committee Appointments

The City Council discussed applications for regional policy committees. Deputy Mayor Kevin Schilling was appointed to represent the City at the Highline Forum. Councilmember Cydney Moore was asked to apply to serve on the Sound Cities Association Regional Transit Committee.

Human Services Commission Weighs in on Financial Policy Language

During last year's budget discussions, the City Council directed the Human Services Commission to discuss a potential addition to the City’s financial policies regarding the City’s contribution to human services, stating that the City’s role should be to supplement responsibilities of regional agencies and address special or unique local needs. The Human Services Commission recommended against the proposed addition, stating that it does not accurately reflect the regional role the City plays in supporting human services.