Council Roundup: February 3, 2020

Enhanced Services Facilities, New Law on Compostable Food Serviceware Products, City Employee Updates
Posted on 02/05/2020
Infographic continuum of care provided by ESFs.

Council discussed zoning regulations for enhanced services facilities, passed a new law requiring food serviceware products be compostable, welcomed new City of Burien employees, and more.

Update on Burien Annex

City Manager Brian J. Wilson provided an update on the search for new locations for current tenants of the Burien Community Center Annex. Six of seven tenants have signed month-to-month leases. Hi-Liners Musical Theatre did not renew their lease because they will be operating in another location.  

The City is working on a number of immediate repairs, however, additional problems have arisen. The boiler has started leaking and gray and black water is being discharged underneath the foundation.

Outreach and Case Management Efforts Lead to Housing for Person Experiencing Homelessness

City Manager Wilson shared a story about an individual experiencing homelessness who is now in housing, connected to supportive services, because of the significant outreach and intervention efforts of the Burien LEAD program, Burien Police Department, Navigation Team, and Human Services staff. This individual had experienced chronic homelessness and multiple interactions with the criminal justice system.

Captain Jessica Sullivan Announces Retirement from Burien Police Department

Captain Jessica Sullivan announced her retirement from the King County Sheriff’s Office (KCSO) in January. She has served in KCSO for 20 years. She will be working next as the director of corporate security for REI. Chief Theodore Boe is seeking her replacement.

Introduction of New Employees

Four new (and recently promoted) City of Burien employees were introduced to Council and the Community:

  • Carolyn Hope, Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Director
  • Nate Hawthorne, Paralegal
  • Alex Hunt, Planner
  • Greg Rutkosky, Stormwater Maintenance Manager

Zoning Code Amendments and Enhanced Services Facilities

Council discussed options for zoning code amendments related to Enhanced Service Facilities (ESF). The City is required by State law to allow ESFs in Burien, however there has been a moratorium, or halt, to the acceptance of any new permits for ESFs. City Council issued this moratorium in early 2019 so that zoning regulations, which currently do not exist, could be developed and the City could be prepared for new permit applications that may come in the future. There currently are no proposals to permit an ESF in the Burien.

Council voted to have a public hearing on February 24, 2020 to determine whether to renew the moratorium for several months. The renewed moratorium would provide more time to deliberate as well as wait for state legislation to pass that may change key definitions.

Council also directed staff to provide to council analysis of the pros and cons of two zoning options:

  • Allow ESFs in all zones where access to transit and services are planned to exist. This would include office zones, mixed use commercial zones, multifamily zones, but not single-family zones.
  • Allow ESFs only in more intensive zones. This would include downtown and office zones, but not lower density commercial and residential zones.

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New Law Passes Bans Single-Use Plastic Food Serviceware Products

Starting January 1, 2021, a new law goes into effect restricting the use of single-use plastic food serviceware in Burien. This law was passed by the Burien City Council to reduce the growing amount of non-compostable and non-recyclable waste that ends up in our landfills and in our environment.

Public Works Maintenance Facility Lease Extension

Council discussed a lease agreement extension with the Port of Seattle so that the Public Works Department could continue to maintain their maintenance facility in the same location. The Port is raising its rental rate, however the City is actively working on a more permanent location for the maintenance facility. Council will vote to approve the lease extension at the next Council meeting.