Thank you to all station educators, interpreters, volunteers, teachers, and office staff who participated in StormFest this past spring! Between all schools, we taught over 1,400 students about stormwater pollution and pollution prevention solutions!

If you are interested in participating in StormFest next spring, email [email protected].

Lesson Plans for StormFest 2022 

Stormwater Pollution - Macroinvertebrate Tolerance Levels: Students will investigate aquatic macroinvertebrates and their pollution tolerance levels to assess stream health. After analyzing results, students will discuss best practices to keep harmful pollutants out of our watershed.

Watershed Model: Students will use the EnviroScape model to understand how pollutants cause water quality problems downstream of the pollution source and how this can affect wildlife and their communities.

What is StormFest?

StormFest is a field-based stormwater education event for Highline Public School District 6th grade students. At the outdoor event, students learn about their local watershed, sources of pollution, and engineering solutions to prevent stormwater pollution. Developed to serve a highly diverse school district, StormFest was intentionally designed as an equitable education opportunity for all students, regardless of race, ethnicity, or English language learning status.

StormFest logo

Child kneeling next to shallow water and cupping hands. 

Children sitting around table with miniature landscape with adult standing at end of table calling on children to answer questions.


StormFest aims to increase knowledge of stormwater pollution and watershed science, as well as promote behaviors that reduce stormwater pollution. Changes in stormwater knowledge and behaviors are assessed with pre- and post-event surveys administered in the classroom or online. The survey is designed to be accessible to ELL students and is translated into several languages.

Multilingual/cultural accessibility of the event is evaluated through interviews with teachers and ELL students. Curriculum refinements to improve engagement and learning outcomes were made based on evaluations from two years of StormFest events.

StormFest Teacher Resources

All StormFest station activities have been aligned to Washington State Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards.

StormFest Committee Partners

City of Burien, City of Des Moines, City of SeaTac, City of Normandy Park, King County, EnviroIssues, Environmental Science Center, and Highline Public Schools. StormFest is funded by an interlocal agreement between city and county partners.

Project Contact

Paige Morris, City of Burien

[email protected]

Updated August 15, 2022