Parking Enforcement

The City of Burien enforces parking laws on a citywide basis in an effort to improve compliance with parking regulations. Parking may be prohibited for safety reasons, such as near a crosswalk or areas designated No Parking Any Time. There may be limits on the amount of time a vehicle may park to support the needs of businesses, or parking may be reserved for a special group, such as individuals with disabilities. 

When vehicles are parked in violation of a parking regulation, a citation may be issued. All parking violations are written into:

Burien Municipal Court  
601 SW 149 St.
Burien, WA 98166

(206) 205-9200 

Burien's parking enforcement objectives are to enhance public safety, ease parking congestion, and promote business parking turnover throughout the city by enforcing regulations.

Burien parking regulations may be found in the Burien Municipal Code, Chapter 10.15

Burien Municipal Code (BMC)
Revised Code of Washington (RCW)

Common Parking Violations
Here is a list of Burien’s most common parking violations. Click on the violation type to see a description of the violation and the associated fines.

Disabled Parking Violations

Monetary penalty for disability parking violations:  $450

  • Parking in a disabled zone without the required placard or disabled vehicle license plate. BMC 10.15.135(3).
  • To make inaccessible, park in, or block the area with painted lines next to the disabled zone known as the access aisle. This part of the reserved disabled zone is designed for a vehicle with a wheelchair ramp to be able to lower the ramp and have room to maneuver the wheelchair. BMC 10.15.135(2).
  • Unauthorized use of a disabled placard or disabled vehicle license plate. This means the placard or plate was displayed in order to park in the disabled zone by some person other than the individual to whom the permit is issued and that the individual disabled person is not on the premises. No person other than the registered individual may use the disabled parking placard or disable vehicle license plate. BMC 10.15.135(1).

Improper display of a disabled placard or disabled vehicle license plate.  This means the placard or plate was not fully displayed so that the full face of the placard or license plate is visible, including the serial number and expiration date of the license plate or placard. RCW 46.19.050(6).            

Overtime Parking

Monetary penalty: $50

The City Manager has the authority to prescribe time limits on the length of time any vehicle may be parked on the street or public roadway (BMC 10.15.045(1)(a)(vii). Typical time limits for Burien are 2-hour parking or 30-minute parking. This means your parking privilege expires at the end of the time prescribed on the posted sign and your vehicle must be moved or risk being cited.

The purpose behind prescribing on-street parking times is to preserve the availability of the limited commercial parking within the Burien community as the city grows. This insures there will be adequate opportunity for businesses to be accessed by its customers.

If a police officer or parking enforcement officer chalk marks your vehicle tire (BMC 10.15.130) and returns after the prescribed time limit has expired and the vehicle has not been moved, it can be cited for overtime parking BMC 10.15.045(1)(a)(vii).

Off-Street Parking for Residential Property

Penalty: Code Enforcement Action in accordance with Burien Municipal Code Chapter 1.15.

All vehicle parking and storage must be in a garage, carport or on an approved impervious surface. Any impervious surface used for vehicle parking or storage must have direct and unobstructed driveway access. Parking spaces for a single detached dwelling unit shall be adequately sized and located to accommodate a standard-sized vehicle without the vehicle extending into the public right-of-way or vehicular access easement or tract.

Parking In or Too Close To a Crosswalk

Monetary penalty: $50

  • No vehicle is permitted to park in a crosswalk. BMC 10.15.045(1)(a)(iv).
  • No vehicle is permitted to park within 20 feet of a crosswalk. This law ensures that oncoming traffic, as well as the pedestrian, has full visibility to ensure that the pedestrian may safely cross the street. BMC 10.15.045(1)(B)(iii)

Parking on Residential Property

Penalty: Code Enforcement Action in accordance with Burien Municipal Code Chapter 1.15.

No more than four motor vehicles shall be parked on a residential lot.  Each motor vehicle must be currently licensed and operable.


  • If more than four licensed drivers reside at the same address, an additional motor vehicle for each licensed driver over four may be parked at that particular address; however, each licensed driver must have that particular address on his or her license.
  • Motor vehicles parked inside of a lawfully permitted and constructed building.
  • Temporary parking for a duration not to exceed 72 hours within a 30  day period on an approved impervious surface or in a garage or carport pursuant to BMC 19.20.100(10)(B).
  • Apartment or other complex with an approved building and parking plan.
  • Permitted construction areas.
  • Motorcycles or mopeds.

Parking Prohibited By Sign

Monetary penalty: $50.

The City of Burien uses signs to regulate parking on city streets. Some of the most common violations for vehicles being cited where signs are posted are as follows:

  • No parking at any time. This means that parking is not permitted under any circumstances, at any time in this designated area. Most of the time, traffic visibility and safety are the primary reasons for the restriction.
  • Loading zone. This parking zone is restricted for the loading and unloading of products associated with local commercial businesses. However, it is permissible to park briefly to pick up or drop off passengers, but the vehicle must then be parked elsewhere.
  • No parking on certain days. This restriction may require that on certain days of the month, parking in this zone is not allowed. Temporary no parking zones may be created by the City of Burien for activities such as the Farmer’s Market, 4th of July Parade, or construction projects.

24-hour Parking Violation

Monetary penalty: $50

No vehicle may park on a Burien public street for a period exceeding 24 hours without being moved. If the vehicle is not moved within 24 hours, it shall be considered a hazard, obstruction to traffic, or abandoned and may be impounded pursuant to BMC 10.12.030 and BMC 10.15.080.

Vehicle Parked on the Wrong Side of the Roadway

Monetary penalty: $50

Every vehicle, when parallel parked, must park in the direction of the flow of traffic for that side of the street:

BMC 10.15.085(1) states that, “. . . every vehicle stopped or parked upon a two-way roadway shall be so stopped or parked with the right-hand wheels parallel to and within 12 inches of the right-hand curb or as close as practicable to the right edge of the right-hand shoulder.”

Vehicle Posted For Sale

Monetary penalty: $50

No vehicle may be parked on a Burien public street with the purpose of displaying it for sale. BMC 10.15.100.

Disabled Parking

Disabled parking laws, qualification requirements, and fines are established by the Washington State Legislature under RCW 46.19.050 and have been adopted by the City of Burien (BMC 10.05.040, BMC 10.15.135). This law ensures parking is available for Burien’s disabled residents and visitors. Disabled parking areas are reserved only for those individual persons who have been issued a disabled parking placard or disabled vehicle license plate. Burien honors disabled placards and disabled vehicle license plates from all states.

Washington issues a disabled identification card for every person who receives a disabled placard or disabled vehicle license plate. The identification card must be carried and made available for inspection when contacted by a police officer or parking enforcement officer by the person who is parking in a disabled zone:

Benefits for Individuals with Disabled Plates

  • Park free of charge on all public streets in Washington where pay parking meters are established.
  • Park without time limits where time limits are posted on all public streets in Washington. A city may impose no less than a 4-hour time limit on disabled parking, but the restriction must be posted with a sign.


RR Smith

Burien Police Department

Parking Compliance Officer