Crime Free Multi-Housing

The Burien Crime Free Multi-Housing (CFM-H) program fosters collaboration between residential management, residents, and the police to reduce crime and the fear of crime in multi-family housing.

For more information, contact the City of Burien Police Community Crime Prevention Unit at (206) 477-2200.

Why Enroll in the CFM-H Program?

CFM-H provides multi-family housing management with training and tools to help safeguard residents. The community reduces crime risks, gives value to the residential community, and provides a feeling of safety and security through this CFM-H partnership.

Fully certified multi-family communities are authorized to use the trademark Crime Free Multi-Family Housing logo on their advertising and to display the sign in their community.

CFM-H Basics

Management training: The City of Burien offers a 12-hour training session to multi-family housing managers and owners on efficient and effective management tools to create a safe community.

CPTED review:  The Burien Police Department offers managers and owners a free security survey to evaluate multi-family housing for safety and security concerns. An in-depth community examination is performed with management to ensure that the safety and security of all residents are safeguarded.

Resident safety social: A resident safety social is conducted to teach residents how to work with management and police in safeguarding their community. The key is getting to know your neighbors. Residents are also encouraged to form a neighborhood block watch and organize a National Night Out event.

To be a fully certified property, it must meet all of the basics above. To ensure program integrity, each certified community is evaluated annually to ensure they still meet CFM-H standards.