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Parks, Recreation & Open Space Plan
The 2018 City of Burien Parks, Recreation, & Open Space Master Plan

What is it?
A Parks, Recreation, and Open Space Master Plan is also sometimes called simply the PROS Plan. The purpose of the Plan is to provide guidance to the City in its management and development of park properties and recreation programs. This Plan is updated every 6 years; the last Plan was adopted in 2012.

Who Is Facilitating The Process?
The Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Service Department (PaRCS) has selected Beckwith Consulting Group to work with the community and the PaRCS department to collect information, feedback, and document results.
• The culmination of this process and its’ recommendations will be presented to the City of Burien Council by the Beckwith Consulting Group and the PaRCS Department.

Why Are We Doing This?
This is an excellent opportunity for community members to actively participate in planning and shaping the future of Burien’s parks, recreation programs and facilities. The results of these efforts will:
• Allow city staff and City Council to hear from Burien residents as they communicate their needs and desires in regards to our park, recreation and cultural services and facilities.
• Enable the City to meet the requirements for park and recreation plans as set by the State of Washington Recreation & Conservation Office (RCO).
• Provide eligibility for a variety of state and federal grants, for the purpose of acquisition and development of parks and recreational facilities.
• Fulfill the Growth Management Act planning requirements for Comprehensive Plan Elements as outlined by the Washington State Department of Commerce.

What Information Will Be Sought?
In partnership, the community and Beckwith Consulting Group will work with PaRCS to:
• Identify existing conditions and inventory of our parks and facilities, as well as our current service levels for parks and recreation.
• Identify public expectations, priorities, and goals.
• Explore partnerships, solutions, and funding opportunities.
• Create an Implementation Plan for the Park and Recreation Advisory Board to review and consider for Council adoption.
• Prepare recommendations by the Park Board for City of Burien Council adoption.

When Will This Begin?

The process will begin immediately for completion by January 2018.
• Three public workshops are currently scheduled for the public to actively participate in shaping Burien parks, recreational programs, buildings and facilities. Additional events and dates will be posted on the PaRCS website below.
  • June 14, 2017
  • July 18, 2017
  • August 16, 2017
• Focus Groups and Open House meetings throughout the community for those who prefer a more familiar setting.
• Multiple surveys reaching out to those who are unable to attend a workshop or meeting. These surveys will be available on the website, at the workshops and meetings, and at PaRCS special events during the summer.

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