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2012 Energy Code
2012 Washington State Energy Code
Implementation of the 2012 WSEC will take effect on July 1, 2012. Commercial and residential structures will see new changes in how their energy is used. Significant changes will occur in space-conditioning systems, insulation and lighting. Specifics on residential changes may be found at WSU Energy Extension Program and commercial details may be found at Northwest Energy Efficiency Council.

Residential codes will encourage a more efficient use of energy  through leak and blower door testing, duct sealing, higher insulation values,  indoor and outdoor lighting fixture efficacy  requirements,  and   compliance of all space-conditioning systems, which includes air handlers, outdoor condensing units of a split system air conditioner or heat pump, cooling or heating coil or furnace exchanger.

•    2012 WSEC Residential Code:  2012 WSEC - Residential (Single-Family Residential)

•    List of single family residential 2012 WSEC significant changes.

•    2012 WSEC for IRC Residential Buildings Plan Review and Inspection Checklist

•    Residential Energy Code Prescriptive Compliance Form Effective July 1, 2013 

•    Residential Heat Sizing Calculator (prescriptive)

There are two methods to use:

Prescriptive Method (2012 WSEC Chapter 6).
The prescriptive approach is the simplest method of WSEC code compliance. Meet all the minimum insulation levels required by one of the options, choose an additional credit and the project complies with the building envelope. The following Excel file provides a method for documenting compliance with prescriptive standards. The files are for single-family and duplex construction as defined by the International Residential Code (IRC).

•    Residential Prescriptive Energy Form
•    Residential Heat Sizing Calculator (prescriptive)

Component Performance Approach (2012 WSEC). The CPWorksheet is designed to document the qualification of building designs by the component performance approach described in Chapter 5 of the WSEC.

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