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Lot Line Adjustment
The purpose of a Lot Line Adjustment is to accommodate a transfer of land between adjacent separate lots in order to correct property line or setback encroachment, create better lot design, or improve access without creating substandard lots or setback requirements. Lot line adjustments do not create additional building lots. The decision on a lot line adjustment application is made by Department of Community Development staff.

The purpose of the Lot Line Adjustment review is to determine if the resulting lots meet the minimum requirements for a building site. This will be determined by a review of the Subdivision Code, Zoning Code, and (if applicable) the Shoreline Master Program. In addition, each resulting lot must have legal access, water, sewer, and storm drainage, or the ability to provide each of these.

Common issues are: lot area, setbacks for existing structures (from the new lot lines), impervious surface coverage, and building coverage. If your site is located in or near a critical area staff will be reviewing whether the resulting lots have an adequate building area without encroaching into the critical area or its required buffer. The information you submit must have adequate detail so staff can determine if the resulting lots meet the requirements for a building site.

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