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2018 PROS Plan

2018 City of Burien
PROS Process & Updates


Thank you to everyone who participated in the surveys, meetings, and
neighborhood celebrations over a period of six months.  Your commitment and feedback
helped to guide the recommendations for the 2018 Parks Recreation and Open Space Plan,
adopted by Council on December 04, 2017.

2018 Parks, Recreation & Open Space Plan



    Chapter 1 - Introduction
    Chapter 2 - Burien Past & Future
    Chapter 3 - Goals & Objectives
    Chapter 4 - Potential Facilities
    Chapter 5 - Park Plan Exhibits
    Chapter 6 - Implementation
    Appendix A - Statistics
    Appendix B - Existing Land & Facilities
    Appendix C - Public Opinion 1 of 2
    Appendix C - Public Opinion 2 of 2
    Appendix D - Level of Service
    Appendix E - Potential Facilities
    Appendix F - Finances

Filing of the 2018 PROS Plan with the State of Washington - January 2018

Please congratulate our newest PROS Survey winner, Jean Walz

Jean participated in the final 2018 PROS Plan Survey #2 and was randomly drawn for the $150 VISA Gift Card.
Jean is planning a vacation and is thrilled to have some extra cash to enjoy on her trip. 
Congratulations Jean!

  Jean Walz 150 Winner 2.jpg


Join us in congratulating
Dena Adante   

Dena Adante 100 Gift Card.jpg 

After completing the 2018
City-Wide PROS Survey #1,
Dena Adante was randomly drawn
as the winner of a $100 gift card.

We are pleased that Dena intends
 to use this money to help
supplement tuition costs.


UPDATE 01.11.18   2018 PROS Plan Final Survey - Random winner has been drawn.  Congratulations Jean Walz.

UPDATE 12.04.17   Approved by Council with edits. 2018 Plan will be posted when filed with the State of Washington. 

UPDATE 11.20.17   Council Update, provided PaRCS Advisory Board & public comments and edits. Q&A session
for 12.04.17 action

UPDATE 11.15.17   Parks Recreation Advisory Board Final Review and Recommendation - Complete

UPDATE November 15, 2017 Parks Recreation Board public meeting.  At 7:55 pm, the Park Recreation Advisory Board completed its review and modifications of the 2018 Parks, Recreation and Open Space Plan, recommending that Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services forward the Plan to the Burien City Council for adoption; with a vote of 4:0 in favor.  Advisory Board member present:  Position 1; Linda Schwaber, Position 5; Siri Nelson, Position 6; Lee Moyer, Position 7; Kellie Bassen.  Absent, Position 3; Kate Kelly, Position 2&4; Vacant.  Staff will make the seven (7) requested revisions and provide to City Council on November 20, 2017.

UPDATE 11.01.17 Parks Recreation Advisory Board public meeting.  City Manager Brian Wilson joined the Board and PaRCS staff to hear a presentation by Tom Beckwith; Beckwith Consulting Group.  Board members discussed feedback they have heard and the particulars of the PROS plan and its' process.  

PROS Plan Draft
      DRAFT PROS Plan for Council review (11.06.17)
      Council PowerPoint (11.06.17)
      PROS Draft Edits for Council (11.20.17)
         Public Edit Requests
PaRCS Advisory Board Edits
         Potential Recreation Center Edits
    PROS Plan Edits for Council (12.4.17)
         Public Edit Requests 
PaRCS Advisory Board Edits
Resolution 397         

   Burien Random Survey (1500 Residents)
   Citywide Survey #2 
   Citywide Survey #1
   Manhattan School Playground Park Focus Survey
   New Start Focus Survey
   Southern Heights Focus Survey
   Seahurst Focus Survey
   Spanish Community Focus Survey
   Teen Youth Survey

UPDATE 10.23.17 Public Opinion -  Validated Resident and Citywide Resident Surveys
Burien Random Survey
 (closed Friday Nov. 17, 2017)    Postcards have been mailed to 1500 random residents within the City of Burien.  If you received a postcard, please visit the website on your postcard. Your feedback will be important to developing validated statistics for the Parks, Recreation and Open Space process. 
Burien Citywide Survey #2 If you did not receive a postcard, we still need your assistance.  Information obtained from this survey will also help guide the direction of Burien Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services, and facilities for the next six years. To complete this survey, please visit the link indicated above.

Those interested in becoming eligible for the $150.00 drawing may take either survey. If you wish to enter the drawing, please be sure to complete your contact information at the end of the survey.  Surveys were available in English and Spanish.

Update - Surveys closed Friday Nov. 17, 2017.  Winner of the $150 Gift Card was randomly drawn.  Congratulations Dena Adante.

UPDATE 10.11.17 City Planning (approved revisions to Comprehensive Plan for presentation to City Council)

UPDATE 10.09.17 City Wide Survey #1 Results
Information regarding the Citywide Survey was released on Facebook, City and Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services website, B-Town Blog, Recreation Guide, and the Burien magazine, as well as at Neighborhood Celebrations and PROS Open House events and meetings.  As a result, we received 133 responses. The survey was made available from July 2017 through early September 2017

UPDATE 09.29.17 City Wide and Youth Survey Drawing 
The surveys have now been closed and we are pleased to announce our winner, Dena Adante.  Dena was delighted to hear the news and mentioned that she will be using the $100 towards college tuition.

Become eligible for the next $150 random drawing by participating in future survey opportunities.  We are looking to hear what your Park and Recreation priorities are, now and in the future.

PaRCS is currently preparing a new survey to be randomly mailed to approximately 1500 residents throughout the City of Burien.  Watch your mail for a survey card early October. This survey will provide statistical results for analysis and final recommendations.

In addition, PaRCS will be preparing an online survey for residents interested in providing feedback and continued recommendations.  The information gathered from this survey will continue to allow PaRCS to hear what is most important to you and your family.  This survey will be announced on our webpage, facebook and throughout other media opportunities. 

UPDATE 09.27.17 Planning Commission Overview
Beckwith Consulting Group and Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services (PaRCS) presented an overview to the Planning Commission for future modifications as may be related to the Comprehensive Plan. Changes will be confirmed with the Commission on Oct. 11, 2017.  Powerpoint presentation.  Update 10.11.17 Planning Commission (approved & submitted to council with Comprehensive Plan)

UPDATE 08.16.17 Community Open House
Location: Highline United Methodist Church: 13015 1st Ave S Burien, WA 98168 (6:30 pm) - Great dialogue with community, exploring new ideas and feedback. Parks Recreation Advisory Board members joined in developing discussions pertaining to the PROS process, outreach, park and programming needs, and priorities.  

Draft Chapters
Chapter 4
Park Plan Composite   (08.16.17)

Chapter 5 
Park Plan Elements   (08.16.17)

Appendix D Age Specific Distributions 

   Age Specific - City of Burien; Totals (08.16.17)
Age Specific - City of Burien; Percentages (08.16.17)
Age Specific - King County; Age Distribution (08.16.17)
Age Specific - King County; Migration, Deaths, Births (08.16.17)
IMG_1236.JPG  IMG_1257.JPG

UPDATE 08.09.17 Neighborhood Celebration
Location: Seahurst Beach Park 
Staff provided handouts, survey, and opportunities for feedback or concerns. Shuttle services available between the upper parking lot and the park beach.

DSC_0088.JPG  Meet the Community DSC_0090.JPG DSC_0067.JPG

 IMG_1178.JPG IMG_1189.JPG IMG_1194.JPG IMG_1188.JPG 

UPDATE 08.02.17 Neighborhood Celebration
Location: Manhattan School Playground Park 
Staff provided handouts, survey, and opportunities for feedback or concerns. 

UPDATE 07.26.17 Neighborhood Celebration
Location:  New Start High School field
Community participated in a variety of interactive activities, listened to music and enjoyed food and ice cream.  PROS Survey opportunities and information available.

UPDATE 07.19.17  Neighborhood Celebration
Location:  Southern Heights Elementary Field
Community participated in a variety of interactive activities, listened to music and enjoyed food and ice cream.  PROS Survey opportunities and information available.
DSC_0007.JPG DSC_0014.JPG DSC_0016.JPG

UPDATE 07.18.17 Community Open House
Location: Burien Community Center - Community Meeting participation (6:30 pm)
Presented updates for community comment:  Demographics, Brainstorming Workshop Results, Teen Survey Results, Focus Group for partner discussion, Park Plan Updates, and Citywide Plan Elements (2012 PROS Plan) comments.

   PROS Open House 2  PROS Open House e2

IMG_1022.JPG  IMG_1021.JPG
UPDATE 07.17.17 Update to Burien Council
Steve Roemer, Director of PaRCS presented updates to Council

UPDATE 06.05.17 City Wide Resident Survey
The release of the online City Wide Survey went live July 5, 2017. Spanish and English versions available both online and in hard copy. 

UPDATE 06.17/18 Wild Strawberry Focus Survey
Parks & Recreation Advisory Board participated in surveying festival participants, obtaining approximately 180 responses. (June 17-18, 2017) Survey is now CLOSED Approx. 180 surveys returned completed.

survey image.JPG

UPDATE 05.1.17 Youth - Teen Survey
Survey released through the Highline School District for student input.  Ongoing for participation by youth.  Available online.

UPDATE 06.14.17 Community Workshop #1
Location:  Burien Community Center (6:30 pm) for community participation to provide input and feedback. 
Community participants broke into two discussion groups to identify their challenges, priorities and vision for Burien PaRCS.   Parks Recreation Advisory Board joined in the discussions with community.

Board Members 017.JPG  Board Members 018.JPG 

UPDATE 05.10.17 Focus Group Partners
Location:  Burien Community Center (1:00 pm)
Burien non-profit partners identified opportunities and group priorities for each of the participants

Info Card Spanish 1.JPG  Info Card Spanish 2.JPG

Future Vision.JPG





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