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Burien Town Square Park Water Feature Renovation

Project Name: Burien Town Square Park Water Feature Renovation
Scheduled Start Date:  Construction – May 2017
Scheduled Completion Date: Late Summer/Early Fall 2017
Project Manager:  
Brian Victor

Nordic Construction

Brief Overview:  Renovation to current water feature in Burien Town Square Park. Work includes: replacement of existing plumbing system (supply and drain lines); hardware updates to filtration system; addition of debris trap/stormwater diverter and select mechanical equipment; and restoration of water feature landscaping/walkway.

Project Status:  New Project is complete. This project page will be removed on October 31.

Please observe previous rules in place.  Because this park is essentially considered a "pool", rules are very similar.

  • Infants/young children should wear swim diapers. Any urine detected by pool sensors will automatically shut the water off.  Any fecal matter encountered will shutdown the pool for up to a week and may require re-inspection by King County Public Health.
  • Do not cover the drain grates. 
  • There are no pool attendants on duty.
  • Pets especially dogs are not allowed in the pool per King County Public Health permit.

                                   Thank you for the cooperation during construction.



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