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Burien Film Office

Mission Statement
Already home to such a vibrant film community, Burien's Film office is committed to supporting and promoting Burien's local film industry by connecting filmmakers with industry information and raising the profile of film in Burien.

Photo by Michael Brunk (nwlens.com


Burien - A Vibrant Film Community (films made here, directors from here, and festivals)
The City of Burien is home to an active film community.  Production crews have filmed here (see list below), directors of national prominence started out here, and the community's cinephiles have come together to organize the Burien Film Festival and monthly Film Happy Hours!

Films made in Burien, around Burien, or by Burienites:
  • The Maury Island Incident,” shot at the Tin Room Bar during the summer of 2013.

  •  “Your Sister’s Sister,” shot at the Countryside Cafe when it was “Germaine’s Country Kitchen,” and Directed by Lynn Shelton.

  • Safety Not Guaranteed,” shot at Highline High School and Grocery Outlet on SW 152nd (NOTE: Colin Trevorrow, the Director of this film, has moved onto a new project – with a slightly higher budget – called “Jurassic World”!).

  • "The Off Hours," directed by Megan Griffiths.

  • "Manic Pixie Dream Wife,"created by Highline School graduate M. Elizabeth Eller.

  • "Every Beautiful Thing," shot at the Countryside Cafe (local blog coverage here)

Festivals and Cultural Events:
Please note: These events are organized and presented by community members and do not represent the City of Burien.

  • BUFO Fest
  • Burien Film Festival Check the website for additional details and announcements! 
  • Film Office Happy Hour - This free event takes place from 5:30 - 7:00 on the 1st Tuesday of each month at the Tin Room Bar & Theater in Burien. Filmmakers, artists, and film buffs of all ages are welcome to come by, meet others with an interest in film, and learn about film in the region. The next Happy Hour is June 7, 2016!

Filming in Burien - Need to Know Resources for the filmmaker
Whether you have a steadfast plan or just an idea, we encourage you to reach out to the City.  This office is committed to helping prospective filmmakers make the connections and find the information they need to start filming in the city.

Permit information
  • Permits in Burien are needed in 2 situations:
    • If the filming is expected to block the public right-of-way, a Right-of-Way (ROW) use permit will be required.  ROW use permits are administered by the Public Works Department and more information can be found at www.burienwa.gov/documentcenter/home/view/160
    • If the filming will exceed a total of 2 days per calendar year, it may require a Temporary Use Permit.  Temporary Use Permits are administered by the Community Development Department and more information can be found at http://www.burienwa.gov/DocumentCenter/Home/View/708 
    • If you have questions regarding these permits, please call us at (206) 241-4647.

    Educational & Youth Opportunities!

    The Puget Sound Skills Center and Highline College both offer engaging courses in and related to film.   

    More Questions? Ask Us!

    Contact our Economic Development Specialist, Chris Craig, with questions. 206-436-5579.

    400 SW 152nd St, Suite 300  /  Burien, WA 98166  /  Ph: (206) 241-4647  /  Fax: (206) 248-5539
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